Скачать The Long Dark v426 «Точный Картограф»

Вышло очередное обновление The Long Dark v426. На этот раз это  bugfix для The Long Dark v426 «Точный Картограф». Здесб исправлены многие ошибки предыдущей версии.

Срочные исправления

Срочные исправления:

  • Fixed rare crash when bullet raycast hit an object.
  • Fixed rare crash when clicking rapidly when throwing a Torch or Flare.
  • Fixed rare crash when examining inventory items.


  • Add Bandage to starting player items in Hunted.
  • Updated icons for Old Man’s Beard items (harvestable item and crafted Treatment).
  • Added translations for all remaining non-localized strings from 424 launch.


  • Fixed issue with not being able to dismiss save failure popup using gamepad.
  • Fixed issue with saved Journals not showing written notes, skills or collectibles.
  • Fixed issue with resolutions passed from command line not being used. This fixes issue with game not running multiscreen for some players.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to rebind key when mouse hovered over input field.
  • Fixed issue with some UI actions not being possible when using a Steam Controller.
  • Fixed issue with all Experience Mode icons being highlighted on death screen stats.
  • Fixed issue with First Aid UI not updating if affliction list changes while screen is active.
  • Fixed issue with Hypothermia and Frostbite Risk percentages not showing up on icons.
  • Fixed issue where female survivor slot could be used when male survivor slot was highlighted.
  • Fixed issue with Hunger/Thirst arrows sometimes pointing wrong direction.
  • Fixed issue with mouse pointer flickering on screen when opening a can in Fire UI.
  • Fixed issue with TOD indicator not showing up in Status UI.
  • Fixed issue with TOD indicator shifting turing Harvesting.
  • Fixed issue with background blur disappearing in Harvest UI when aborting a harvest.
  • Fixed issue with camera switching when pushing LS on gamepad when in Quartering UI.
  • Fixed issue with non-functional Harvest option showing up when on Quartering UI.
  • Fixed issue with hand sometimes not syncing correctly with lantern in first person.
  • Fixed issue with some trees having incorrect lighting (most noticeable at night).
  • Fixed issue with gamepad navigation on Clothing UI.
  • Fixed issue with Quit button on death screen having dark text.
  • Fixed issue with encumbered icon overlapping full screen UI.
  • Fixed issue with scroll audio playing unnecessarily on Clothing and Crafting UI.
  • Fixed issue with Lantern sometimes not equipping after leaving a UI screen.
  • Use LT/RT instead of LB/RB for top level navigation in Fire UI.


Версия «Точный Картограф» будет последним обновлением Песочницы в Раннем Доступе.

Полная версия The Long Dark 1.0 будет доступна  1 августа 2017 г.

Скачать .torrent The Long Dark v426 для Windows

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